Friday, April 01, 2005

Goodbye, cruel bloggernacle! 

by Steve
I'm done. I'm sick of this game. My co-bloggers never post anything. When they do post, it's crap. And the big blog won't ever pay any attention to me. The final insult is that a bunch of Johnny Come Latelies are now apparently the second biggest blog in the bloggernacle.

Meanwhile, I can't so much as vent in a comment thread without someone saying "stop being so mean. Be funny, Steve. I like it when you're funny." Don't they realize that I'm still recovering from the unexpected loss of my favorite Wham CD?

Well, I'm tired of kicking against the pricks. So I'm shutting down, effective today.

(Well, shutting down is a relative term. Let's just say I'm working with an internet consultant, and there's a possibility that the site will open under new management. If so, it will be as a pay-per-visit site, which will feature pictures of movie stars and pop singers in skimpy lingerie. That's more interesting than a bunch of Mormon blathering, and also more lucrative. What's not to like?)

So goodbye, everyone. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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